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Learn To Love*Love To Learn offers private educational assessments of children and adults. Private learning evaluations are for families who do not want their child tested by their local school system. The advantages of having a learning evaluation done privately include:


*In a school setting the Child Study Team decides whether or not the student warrants or deserves to be evaluated based on criteria set forth by the Department of Education. With a private L2L evaluation, the parent decides if and when they want the evaluation to take place.


*In a school setting, the school district is granted 90 days to complete evaluations/reports and determine a plan. L2L Private evaluations are completed in less than 2 weeks and the report is provided within a few days from the last testing session.


*In a school setting, if a significant learning weakness is not found, no further testing is done even if the child is functioning well below grade level. If an academic weakness is observed during an L2L private evaluation, further testing will be done to gain more information regarding that weakness and what steps the family may need to take to ensure the child achieves maximum potential.


*In a school setting, everyone (teachers, support staff, principal, etc) knows that your child is being tested. With a private L2L evaluation, only the parent and the child know, unless you want the school to know. The parent chooses whether or not to share the confidential report with the child’s school.


*In a school setting, educational evaluations focus on whether or not a learning disability exists according to criteria set forth by the State Department of Education. If your child does not meet the criteria set for by the state, he still may present with a mild learning disability or attention weakness. A private L2L evaluation will determine your child’s academic strengths, weaknesses, and unique learning style, in addition to, any learning disabilities. You may want a learning evaluation to determine the best way for your child to study for tests or to increase their attention in class. Just because your child does not meet the state's criteria for a 'specific learning disability', does not mean that your child does not in fact have a learning disability.

*In a school setting, the results of the educational evaluation are interpreted in a large group at the same time as all the other evaluations. Parents often feel intimidated in this large group and, therefore, do not ask questions even if they do not understand the results. The results of a private L2L evaluation are thoroughly explained to the parent until they understand them. This is done during a private two-hour session which is included in the cost of the evaluation.


*The only disadvantage is that in a school setting, educational evaluations are free. Love2Learn evaluations cost $1850 and educational evaluations are currently not covered by insurance. That cost covers two 3-hour testing sessions, a diagnostic report, parent conference and interpretation session(about 2 hours), and professional recommendations. Keep in mind that most doctors request a Learning Evaluation for their patients….and they request that the Learning Consultant interpret the results. If you truly want to know why your child is struggling, a thorough learning evaluation is your first step.

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