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Initial Parent Consultation-$150.00

This can be applied to the cost of a Diagnostic Educational Evaluation


Diagnostic Educational Evaluation-$2,000.00

This includes two 3-hour testing sessions; diagnostic report; and 2-hour parent consultation to review results, diagnosis, and recommendations


ADHD Coaching/Tutoring$125.00/hour


Parent Advocacy$150/hour-consultation


Adult Evaluation$1250

includes two 3-hour testing sessions; report; consultation to review results


Homework Help (from a teenager trained in learning disabilities by Learn2Love)$25.00/hour (paid in advance-there is a cancellation policy)


"E-mail Coaching" $125 (paid in advance)

-based on your individual needs; all your questions can be answered; you can re-read the answers again and again to help you decide the next step that is right for you and your family. Learning Disabilities can be very complicated. This is your first step in finding the right support for your child. Email today!


Child/ Family Behavior Plans -from $20-$100 per hour


Intense Academic Treatment for Language Based Reading Disabilities- $100/hour

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