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Do not wait!

If you think something is wrong, you are probably right!


New Jersey passed a law in 2013 requiring all Kindergarten through second grade teachers to learn about the signs of Dyslexia.

Teachers and doctors should not be telling you to wait...

The law was passed because waiting until second grade,


Through second grade, children will learn to read.

After that... they read to learn.



There are three different types of Dyslexia

1. Dyseidetic(visual)

2. Dysphonetic(auditory)

3. Dysphoneidetic (combined)


If a child has difficulty learning to read, it is essential that the nature of his/her weaknesses are thoroughly assessed in order to provide appropriate programming. There are different treatment programs for different types of dyslexia. A private learning evaluation can determine the specific weakness so that you can make appropriate decisions regarding your child's education.

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