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Help for Homework Hell
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Dyslexia Law

FINALLY...the state of New Jersey passed a Dyslexia bill that now mandates all k-2 teachers to receive professional development hours on Dyslexia.  That means, your child's teachers must learn about Dyslexia.  They must understand that this is a language based reading disability and they must be able to recognize the characteristics of Dyslexia.  They must learn that Dyslexia does not mean a student reverses letters.  Dyslexia is language is the way a person processes the sounds they hear and how they attach those sounds to symbols.  Without proper treatment and instruction a child with Dyslexia cannot learn to read.  If schools wait until third or fourth is too late! Although this law was passed last year, many districts are slowly adhering to it.  The law has two parts...not only is every teacher required to learn about Dyslexia; but the second part states that all students who demonstrate any warning signs of Dyslexia...must be evaluated by the first half of second grade.  That IS the law.  Any teachers or doctors who tell you to wait...are not adhering to this law.  Do not Learn2Love*Love2Learn today!  Dyslexia will not go away on its own.  It must be accurately diagnosed and can be treated...the earlier, the better. 

Spring Special 10% off Evaluations

Spring is here and another school year will soon be coming to an end.  This is the perfect time to schedule an educational evaluation for your child.  Each school year you meet with your child's teacher approximatetly two times for fifteen minutes.  You can probably remember every word the teacher said to describe your child from every teacher conference you ever had.  Why is this?  It's because this is information about YOUR child.  There is nothing more important to you.
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