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Frustrated Parents
Help for Homework Hell
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When Students Advocate For Themselves
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Frustrated Parents

Study Guides Level the Playing Field for Students with ADHD and dyslexia

Students who have difficulty in school benefit from completed study guides for tests and quizzes.  Whether the student has dyslexia or ADHD, a completed study guide can help.  For the dyslexic student, taking accurate notes is a challenge.  First of all, they have to retain the auditory information long enough to write it down.  Then they have to write it fast enough to ensure they don't miss additional information from the teacher.  We know that dyslexic students have difficulty writing quickly.

Frustrated with general ed teachers

As more and more students with learning disabilities are placed in general education classes, general education teachers need to learn the difference between accommodations and modifications.  This is especially true for middle school and high school students.  In core subjects, there is often an in-class special education teacher present.  Not only does this benefit the students, but also the general education teacher....and it is not only because there is an extra teacher.  The special education teacher actually teaches the general education teacher (when they are willing to learn) about the types of modifications that students benefit from.
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