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HELP for you,

your child, 

and your family

is just a text or phone call away!


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Specializing in DYSLEXIA, Language-Based Learning Disabilities, Executive Function,

School-Based Anxiety, and ADHD, inattentive and/or hyperactive


Over 30 years experience


Bernadette E. Lombardi, M.Ed.

Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant

An accurate LEARNING ASSESSMENT will help identify your child's academic strengths and weaknesses and/or learning disabilities.

Also specializing in behavioral strategies to help your family

live effectively with ADHD and other neurological disorders.

If you are at this website, your child is probably having difficulty in one of the following areas:


*Behavior*Reading between the lines*Making inferences*

*Forgetting their books at school*

*Completing homework, but not turning it in*

*Understanding assignments*School phobia

*Following Directions*Focusing in school*Falling asleep*

What if YOU just have a 'feeling' something isn't quite right...

What if YOUR CHILD'S teacher says, "He is fine...He'll grow out of it."

What if YOUR CHILD'S behavior is so inappropriate...that it's embarrassing?

What if YOUR CHILD is finishing second grade and still hasn't grown out of it?"

What if YOUR CHILD has entered high school and is trying so hard, but still failing?

What if YOUR CHILD does his homework, but forgets to hand it in?

What if there is something wrong and YOU don't catch it in time?

What if YOU just know...but nobody will listen to YOU...

What if YOU are losing sleep because YOU are so worried about YOUR CHILD?

What if YOU are experiencing this symptoms your job?



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